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About the Book
Vibrant Life: Restoring the Roots of Health will change the way we look at long-term health goals. By treating the root causes of disease and moving away from mere reduction of symptoms, the body will heal itself and thrive.  The human body and mind are facing transformational challenges unseen by any generations prior.  It is time we all listen and prepare inwardly and give this miraculous machine a chance.

Stress, modern chemical living, electropullution and increasing modern radiation are among the few top impacts on people living in  post industrialized society today.  This book will provide how to do simple steps to support normal physiological inherited processes to de-stress and detox.  You will also learn how superfood recharges this hard working energetic machine.

About the Author
Dr. Shanghong Lu is a 3rd generation medical practitioner who combines the Wisdom of the East with the Science of the West to provide a new generation of health care.  Following her grandmother's philosophy of self care and healing, and taking her mother's steps as a medical doctor and PhD research scientist, Dr. Lu  walks her talk and makes her own authentic path to living a vibrant life.

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