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Portrait of a Woman and Jesus: He Looked Through Her Eyes and into Her Heart
by Barbara Quillen Egbert

Stories of encounters between Jesus and various women have been handed down through the centuries and give us a glimpse of how He responded to women with similar needs and desires as ours. Because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, we can be confident He treats women today like He did when He walked the earth. We, too, can trust that He is powerful, good and kind. The purpose of this book is to encourage the reader by showing that Jesus understands her needs and desires and continues to unconditionally love, value, forgive, rescue, heal, comfort, provide for, restore, satisfy and give life now and eternally. Portrait of a Woman and Jesus: He Looked Through Her Eyes and into Her Heart captures a verbal and visual snapshot of thirteen face-to-face encounters of a woman and Jesus. Each portrait by artist Wilson Ong reflects how the scene may have unfolded as a woman interacted with Jesus. As we imagine ourselves walking in the sandals of the women who were blessed to have interacted with Jesus.

Jesus eternal words of truth speak to feminine identity issues associated with value, safety, significance and beauty and confirm that He sees, notices, listens to, fully knows and will answer us today because of His grace filled-love!

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