Sunscreens - Biohazard: Treat as Hazardous Waste - ebook

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This book brings together the latest medical research confirming what the author has found to be the truth about sunscreens.

As a biological and Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Dr. Plourde has been able to search the literature to uncover what the sunscreen manufactures do not want you to know about the chemicals used to make their products.  Skin cancers and melanomas have been increasing with the use of sunscreens.  They actually promote more cancer than they prevent.

The sun is necessary to produce vitamin D.  Sunscreens block the production of vitamin D, which is part of the reason there is a worldwide epidemic of  people with substandard vitamin D levels.  We should respect the sun and not fear it.  There are safe, natural ways to protect from burning that do not include placing harmfull chemcials on the skin that absorb into the body.

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