Phi spacePYRAMID  ̶   Greatest Energy Field - Radius of up to 300 feet (90 meters)
This stunning glass pyramid, modeled on the precise dimensions of the Great Pyramid is both beautiful & transformative.  A Phi-programmed spaceDOT crafted into the heart of the pyramid powers its ability to re-energize your home or work spaces. The dimensions of the pyramid and the Seed of Life geometries engraved on the base create a powerful resonant field to transform geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional environmental imbalances up to a radius of 300 feet (90 meters).  Base is 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
Enjoy the positive high vibration from Phi energy all day/every day.

Please note: This is a Fend Shui type of product and will mitigate background EMF energies.  The smartDOTs are better suited to midigate electronics, therefore we recommend covering your electronics and wear a bioDOT first, then change your enironment.  Call us if you have questions.

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