BioBAND - Gray - Extra Large


BioBAND - Starter Package - Wearable Technolgy

EXTRA LARGE 8.7 inches / 220 mm

   1 BioBAND  ̶  Wearable Technology

   1 SmartDOT Set - For Electronic Devices*

The BioBAND is a wristband containing a specially-programmed Body/BioDOT to keep your biofield strong and balanced.

It's attractively designed and produced in soft, washable silicone, to be worn unobtrusively round the clock (shower/swim with it on).

Available in 4 sizes in Gray and White:

   Small 6.3 inches / 160mm

   Medium 7.1 inches / 180 mm

   Large 7.9 inches / 200 mm

   Extra Large 8.7 inches / 220 mm

* Starter Packages contain 1 SmartDOTs with an adhesive back (use both DOTs included on devices with Wi-Fi), programmed to mitigate the harmful effects of electronic devices such as smartphones and Wi-Fi devices. This special offer provides two of the core elements of the energyDOTs product line that can help you thrive in today's wireless world.  Use on 4G and 5G technologies.

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