Bio/SmartDOT - Starter Pkg


BioDOT & SmartDOTs - Starter Package $59.95 ( $74.95)

Receive both a Body/BioDOT and 1 SmartDOT Set* combination so you can choose where you want to stick each.  Apply the red BioDOT to the back of a watch or piece of jewelry that you wear or have around you 24/7 for maximum benefit.

  • For teens or adults who will not wear a BioDOT: consider placing with SmartDOTs on their cell phones, as they will obtain personal coverage when they carry their cell.

Place both the gold and silver SmartDOTs on your smartphone, iPAD, tablet, or any electronic equipment that you use frequently that has Wi-Fi capacity.  SmartDOTs change the EMF energies by transforming them.


*The USA version is custom-designed to be used in sets to compensate for the excessive environmental EMF exposures: Use 1 Gold & 1 Silver on each device.

Place anywhere on electronic devices [including inside cell phone cases].

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