CLIP - Black

$119.90 $69.95

CLIP  ̶  Starter Package  ̶  ̶  Wearable Technology


Includes 1 Smart DOT Set  ̶  For Electronic Devices*

The CLIP contains a specially programmed Body/Bio DOT to keep your biofield strong and balanced. It's attractively designed to be worn unobtrusively around the clock.

* Starter Packages contain 1 Smart DOT Set with an adhesive back (use both DOTs included on devices with Wi-Fi), programmed to mitigate the harmful effects of electronic devices such as smartphones and Wi-Fi devices. This special offer provides two of the core elements of the Energy DOTs product line that can help you thrive in today's wireless world.  Programmed for both 4G and 5G technologies.

Available in 2 colors:  White and Black

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