BioCLIP - Gray/Black


BioCLIP  ̶  Starter Package  ̶  ̶  Wearable Technology


Includes 1 SmartDOT Set  ̶  For Electronic Devices*

Recharge your battery by wearing a BioCLIP.  A Body/BioDOT is affixed to the reverse of the metal disk which can be clipped to any item of clothing, purse, key-ring, etc. The BioDOT will retune and revive your natural energy.

This special offer provides you with two of the core elements of the energyDOTs toolkit to help you thrive in the Wi-Fi world.

Available in 2 colors:  Gray/Black or White

* Starter packages contain 1 SmartDOT Set (use both DOTs included on Wi-Fi devices): Use on 4G and 5G technologies.

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